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In-house design and marketing, outsourced.

We’ll build you a dedicated team for half the cost of hiring in-house and half the trouble of managing freelancers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rearrange a team? (add or remove team members)

If you’re wrapping up a project and no longer need a team member, just give us 10 days notice prior to the first of the month to make the switch or cancel a team member. Easy peasy.

How long is a contract?

It’s month-to-month, prepaid. The first month is refundable if you’re not happy. But we’ll bust our humps to make you happy.

What’s the catch?

No catch, but there are some limitations.

In order to be fast and flexible and meet your needs, there are some things we don’t do.

– Web apps or e-commerce
– Custom photo shoots
– 3D animation
– App development
– Travel

Who owns the copyright and how do I get native files?

We use Dropbox across our team and all files will be made available to download if you ever decide to move on. Like a typical in-house employee, you keep the copyright and can do what you want with what we create. Once we part ways, they’re yours with no strings attached. In the meantime, if you need to pass any file in your folder onto another team, no problem.

How do you hire for so cheap?

Virtually all of our talent is off-shore and work for wages that provide a fair income for their area. They will be contracted on retainer to ensure your needs are a priority. All our creatives are English-speakers and our copywriters are fully fluent or native English speakers. We don’t have an expensive fancy-pants office lease to pay and no need to buy expensive furniture to impress you. Instead, we impress you with awesome creative, flexibility, and crazy-affordable pricing.

What if I don’t like the work?

We’ll work until we get it right or we’ll replace the creative team member until we do get it right.

What are your web capabilities?

Mobile responsive web sites built on WordPress with some custom coding and integration are our speciality. While we don’t do e-commerce, we can integrate payment options and build small stores that aren’t the main aspect of your business. But all our stuff is mobile-responsive, fast, and SEO-friendly.

How do you manage a brand’s visuals and voice?

Every client gets a Creative Director who will be your point-of-contact and functions as a project manager. They ensure all the creatives are on the same page and working toward the same goal. We’ll take your established brand guidelines and live by them. If you don’t have brand guidelines, we’ll work with what you have, create a structure for future projects and keep everything aligned and looking sharp.

What others are saying

Andrew is a diligent thinker and designer who never settles in his search for ways to improve the work. You'll find him an open communicator who seeks to identify unasked questions that lead to unexpected answers. And his acute senses of tact, comport and propriety give him direct access to clients' needs that lead efficiently to satisfying solutions. Mark Webb

SVP Group Creative Director, Digitas Health LifeBrands

In the several years I’ve known Andrew, it’s readily apparent he possesses an innate ability to lead. He’s extremely easy to get along with, always striving to learn and adapt himself to the needs of an organization, and terribly honest—honest in the way you expect from an art director, i.e. willing to state openly the good and the bad about something, but tactful enough to do with an earnest desire to produce a successful result for everyone involved.

Cameron Moll

Designer, Speaker, Author, Founder of AuthenticJobs.com

Andrew Hahn is a master at branding and design. His extensive experience brings a quiet certainty to the design process. He's responsive to the client's needs while he ushers you into new ideas for your brand.

Kathi Kruse

Social Media Strategist, Kruse Control Inc

His creative pallete appears to be limitless (ranging from web, print, multimedia, brainstorming and more). He interviews customers like an expert, probing into the strategy and goals of their creative.

He brings levity to stressful situations, but remains professional and highly productive. He leans into creative challenges and takes ownership of production-level tasks. His sense of responsibility, eye for design, and servant attitude help to shape an ideal culture.

Matt Blount

Head of Account Management, Providence Health & Services

Andrew has a phenomenal eye for branding and feels a strong sense of ownership for everything he undertakes. He has a broad spectrum of talents that I've rarely come across in a single individual. Angie Haugen

Digital & Inbound Marketing Consultant

Andrew is a balanced, personable, excellent designer who elevates Brand expression and integrated marketing communications to a new level. While Andrew brings his depth of experience to creative concepts, Andrew is also great at working together with design and client teams, allowing for marketing objectives to be met precisely.

Alethea Sabia

Marketing Strategy & Content Leader, Cambia Health

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