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Speakers and consultants:

we help you fill your speaking calendar, get more clients, and build your fanbase. How?

Our five-step process


Know your competition

Who is your competition? You might know, but what does Google think?

Get a clear look at who you’re competing against, what they’re spending, and how you’re both being found online.

More visitors to your site

No more endlessly updating your social media and trying to be everywhere all the time.

We build ads that reach your ideal audience — both the decision-makers and the fan.

Keep them focused

Number 1 mistake when running ads is to direct visitors to your home page.

Landing pages are the antidote and are a highly effective way of getting visitors to take action.

Be top-of-mind

Being top-of-mind with event planners is one of the biggest challenges speakers face.

With a technique called ‘retargeting’ you’ll be all over the web…effortlessly.

Stay in Touch

Use email to connect and stay in touch with event planners and fans.

We use autoresponders and value-based email. This isn’t your grandpa’s dry newsletter.

The result?

Less time marketing. More engagements. Less need and dependence on social media and blogging.

More doing what you do best.

How the Best Speakers market online & land more gigs

in less time, to the right audience, and at a profit.

This report will teach you:
  • The system the pros use to automate their platform-building activities
  • How to make money while building your online following
  • The six critical things all professional speakers need to build their platform