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Share your message.

Grow your audience. Advance your business.

We help current (and future) authors promote their blog, book, and consulting business.


Share your message

Get more people on your site and put your work in front of your ideal audience…all effortlessly.

Grow your audience

Get people to know, like, and trust you, then future-proof your ability to reach them on demand.

Advance your business

As you align your message and engage your growing audience, your business will grow.

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Web traffic


Strategic content

Professional websites

Put your message in front of more people…effortlessly.

Do you often wonder if social media really moves the needle? More often than not, it feels like a slog, right? We can help put your message in front of your ideal audience effortlessly. Whatever method you choose to use, we help you craft a custom strategy and put the tools and systems in place that will ensure your efforts get attention from your ideal target market.

We help you craft a message that will resonate with your audience, strategize on the best medium and channels. Then we ensure all the tools you need are in place and connected. 

List building

Book creation


Engagement campaigns

Grow your audience, grow your influence.

A large social media following is great, but nothing substitutes for an active email list. This is an audience you can reach on demand and (if you do it right) are happy and excited to hear from you.

We help you build a long term email strategy that is more than just a typical monthly email. We’ll help you figure out which people are the most likely to champion your next book launch and which ones are likely to be interested in your consulting business and then serve them the best message.

Strategic consulting

Advance your business.

As you get your message out into the world and your audinece grows, so does your influence. We can help you figure out next steps in your business based on what your audience needs.

“In my thirty-plus years, I have never found a better strategic partner.”

Melanie Haymond

Marketing Director, EPIC Imaging

“His extensive experience brings a quiet certainty to the design process.”

Kathi Kruse

Founder/CEO, Kruse Control Inc

How sticky is your message?

When you tell ideal prospects how you help them, it should stick in their mind like super glue.

If your value statement is vague or wishy-washy, it won't stick. The prospect moves on and the opportunity is lost.

How sticky is your value statement?

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