Andrew Hahn — creative director, branding, design.

About me: I'm a brand designer first, but over the years I've added UX, front-end development, content strategy, copywriting, and employee engagement/leadership skills to the mix. I'm a father of six (not a typo) and in what little free time I have, I like to mountain bike.

Technical: I build websites in Craft CMS, am fluent in Wordpress, and am expert-level in all Adobe design products. I write HTML, Twig, CSS, and enough Javascript to be dangerous. Also familiar with modern dev workflows, git, and PHP.

Strategic: I thrive in brand development—both on a corporate and personal level. I've worked with a number of business authors, helping them hone their brand, messaging, and marketing—including logos, book covers, training materials, advertising, and social media.

Additionally, I've worked with a handful of bigger brands such as Bank of America (internal training development capacity), Regence BlueCross BlueShield (design and brand development), and Simon and Schuster (book cover design).

How I can help you and your company:

  • Revitalize a stale brand—nail your messaging, visuals, and market position so you attract more customers
  • Overhaul your web presence—ensure your site is performant, SEO- and user-friendly, and on-brand
  • Executive's personal branding—I specialize in helping corporate leaders develop their own personal brand and thought leadership to drive sales for their company
  • Author platform development—helping business authors grow their audience

PS: What's with the circa42 name?

The backstory behind the domain starts with a silly movie and ends with an it's-only-funny-to-me URL. I'll tell you the story some time.

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