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About circa42

Do you ever wish you had a fully-staffed marketing department? A copywriter to crank out share-worthy posts. A designer who did everything from print to web and wasn’t missing in action or a diva? What about someone who could get your site more traffic and turn those traffic into leads?

Sure, you can hire an agency to do all of that…and pay through the nose.

Or you could lock yourself into hiring an entire in-house team…and deal with the overhead.

Or even get a bunch of freelancers…and try and keep them all on the same page.

circa42 resolves those concerns. You get an strategic direction and a single point-of-contact, the flexibility of freelancers, and the accessibility of an in-house team.

Our history

Over steak at a nice restaurant, I (Andrew) was sitting across the table from a friend and pitched him the idea of an agency that was the in-house designer that you outsourced to. (It’s a mouthful…)

But what to call it? I’d just watched The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and got a kick out of the super computer’s answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything being 42. I cheekily bought the domain as a tongue-in-cheek (and totally obscure) way of saying that I’m a generalist.

As I continued to work full-time, the “agency” did very little. I did some side jobs but kept my full-time employment.

In 2011 I decided to make the jump into full-time work. Quickly realizing that I really can’t do everything—despite a desire to—I began to hire contractors who were better skilled than me. I know enough to direct and project manage, and have skills enough to be dangerous, but at the end of the day, I’m a big-picture person.

Finding specialists who were faster and more efficient than me was an aha moment and a turning point and leads us to where we are today.

Today we’re a fledgling virtual agency that helps companies without a fully-staffed marketing department to fill in the gaps. Our ideal clients think lean and, while they value quality, going to market and getting results is the highest priority.

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