Andrew Hahn — creative director, branding, design.

About me, in five seconds: I'm a problem-solver first. Whether it be a design, content, or code, I love solving challenges creatively.

More? Okay, here goes: I thrive in taking your old website and turning it into something helps you make more dollars.

That starts with the user. Sites I build help them get where they need to go and what next steps to take.

But it's also about you. If your site is beautiful but a pain to manage, it gets stale, fast. I build sites that are agile, easy to maintain, and secure. Your site can pivot with your business and provide a way to get more leads and more business...not a marketing millstone.

How I can help you and your company:

  • Custom website builds — get a site that is performant, SEO- and user-friendly, and on-brand.
  • Ongoing site maintenance — get that occasional help with your site. I'm happy to jump in and provide tweaks as needed.
  • UX & UI — interviews, research, site architecture, and user-centered design

Curious to know what tools I use? Ok, that's a little personal, but here goes...

  • Craft CMS — CMS of choice for custom websites
  • Adobe CS — design and editing assets
  • Git (Tower) — nice GUI for version control
  • Laravel Forge — sick tool for devops and rapid deployment
  • Valet — simple local hosting
  • Sublime text — simple and fast text editor
  • Kaleidoscope — diff checker
  • TablePlus — DB management
  • Terminal — for all the CLI goodness
  • Transmit — asset syncing, FTW
  • Things — dead-simple task and project management tool
  • Bear — no-fuss notes
  • 1Password — keeping secret stuff secret
  • Apple Music — gotta have some tunes to get into the zone

Nerdy tech stack and skills stuff: HTML, CSS (Tailwind, SCSS), Javascript/VueJS, PHP, NPM, Git, Gulp, all on a Nginx server.

Contact me

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